What Is Catering Equipment Used For

What Is Catering Equipment Used For

Catering equipment what is it, well its everything that is in the chefs world or everything that surrounds the chef in the working catering kitchen, chefs will use a huge range of catering equipment in the kitchen. When setting up a catering kitchen the catering equipment which is chosen first is normally stainless steel tables and wall shelves, this will give the outer shell of the kitchen and then give the designer a better idea of where the catering equipment appliances will be situated for the chef, the chef or head chef will normally sit down with the designer and discuss his needs, this is when the catering equipment will be chosen. The first question will be do you want gas catering equipment or electric catering equipment, its up to you as there are no real savings from either piece of catering equipment they both seem to use the same energy unless advertised as energy efficient.

Energy efficient catering equipment is becoming more popular with hotels and restaurants aiming to show they are paying as much attention to a green planet than the other guy accross the road. Servicing the catering equipment should also be kept in mind, how will a catering equipment engineer be able to rapair the item, is it accessable from the front or back of the unit. A good ideal is to leave a gap or a service void at the back of all the catering equipment appliances in order that a catering equipment engineer can access it with no problems this will in the long run save time and money on catering engineer call outs, if he or she can get to the problem fast the time on site will be less in turn costing less.

Catering equipment comes in all sizes and shapes so you should be able to find the right size of equipment to fit in to the space you have left for it in the kitchen, there are slim line catering equipment cabinets available from most manufacturers, there are low and high set hight units for tall or short people, so you will not have them reaching to high, safety is a big thing in the kithen. The type of catering equipment you use in the kitchen will strongly depend on the menu or food that you are going to be serving, grills or steakhouses will concentrate on salamander grills or griddles to cook the majority of there menu where you will find chinese or mexican restaurants will cook most of there food on a range where they can open fry the ingredients. Alot of restaurants are now looking to cook there food on induction hobs or induction grills however chefs seem to prefer the old ways best.

Another big catering equipment appliance which has to be given consideration in the kithen is the extraction canopy, this is the piece of equipment which sits above the cooking range or cooking line and extracts the smell of fumes and smoke from the catering equipment out of the building, it is important to make sure you buy the right size of fan to extract the proper amount of air from your kitchen every hour. Catering equipment ventilation should not be overlooked as its the heart of the catering kitchen and if it fails the whole kitchen goes down, this is because the canopy is connected to a gas interlocking systems which needs to know that the air is being changed properly, if its not the catering equipment will not swith on, safety first as always.

When choosing your catering equipment you should consider the build you want, its a bit like cars if you want one to last long you must spend the money, heavy duty catering equipment costs more than medium or light duty catering supplies, if your openening a 500 seater restaurant and using light or medium catering equipment its not going to last long. You need to buy heavy strong or robust catering supplies if your running a large establishment. Light or medium duty catering equipment is ideal for snack bars of small coffee shops where you may anly be catering for 100 or so customers a day, most of this catering equipment will sit nice on top of a kithcen work top or stainless steel table.

Catering supplies are easy to find online so you should find a company that offers a large range of supplies for restaurant, hotels, cafes and snack bars this way you will have the option of light, medium or heavy duty equipment. These companies will offer a vast range of catering supplies including crockery, cutlery and glassware which can be delivered to your door.

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