This is the day you dream about
– we’ll help make all those dreams come true!

Weddings are our speciality and, like you, we’re perfectionists at heart. We will co-ordinate every detail of the catering, leaving nothing to chance.

Our highly experienced staff will prepare and serve a sophisticated selection of breathtaking food, attend to the drinks and then tidy up after wards. You won’t need to worry about a thing. You just choose the menu, and then relax!

Your wedding celebration may be the most exciting event in your life. We understand weddings and everything that makes them special!

Why not start by sharing your ideas for the big day with us, and we can then offer you some menu suggestions and pricing. Our menus are very flexible and can be tailor-made to suit your taste and budget – so easy!

Silver Menu JUST $20 PER PERSON
What if your little ones birthday is just around the next weekend and you have just minimum budget to spend on the party food and arrangements. Well there is a simple solution to that problem that is to hire the catering food services by catering on the move. They not only have great party ideas but their catering is affordable and quite cheap as compared to their other counterparts.

Let us suppose your have invited 20 children and your little angel is demanding a grand party. You can definitely do this by following some party food ideas that can help you in tight budget condition. At same time you can guarantee your son or daughter for throwing the best party of the year. You can assure your child that his friends would remember this party and food for a long time. Without wasting any time just pick up the phone and call catering on the move.

You can also log onto internet and contact them via email. Ask for the free quote then select all the food items you need within you budget by selecting from their menu list.There are many scrumptious eatables that can really brighten the face of your child and his friends.

You can ask for finger food menu which is very affordable for such small parties for youngsters. Since it cuts down on the cost of crockery and cutlery since most of the food items can be eaten right from the hand. Only make sure you have made every child wash their hands properly before they begin.

Finger foods are usually the first choice for children get together. They would love nibbling upon small tit bits, rolls and pies with a variety of dips and sauces. You can also choose your menu selecting from the list. Usually it costs around $9 per head which is a small amount to pay against ease, variety, taste and comfort.

Mostly children love to move around carrying food in their hands and mouths as well. You can give them tasty food to munch upon which is full of nutrition and health.

For the young or old both food presentations hold attraction and desire to eat it. Catering on the move not only presents the food in a unique way but can bring water in the mouth and treat to the eyes. You can rely upon them and enjoy the best time you ever had before in a party hosted in your own house.