Ways to Economize on the Catering Service for Your Wedding Reception

Ways to Economize on the Catering Service for Your Wedding Reception

No one wants to run out of food at their wedding. And yet, no one wants to spend excessively. So you need to take certain steps to ensure that you have enough food for your guests…food that they’ll appreciate…and still save money. First study your guest list, figure out if there are any vegetarians among them. If there are any vegetarians, order fewer dishes which contain meat or fish in them. Don’t order too many kinds of appetizers – ordering larger quantities of the same dishes will help you cut down on costs.

If you decide on around three kinds of appetizers along with a salad, you may not require a five course meal to follow. If you have a large wedding cake, you can reduce the number of desserts you serve. Also, decide on the combination of dishes you’ll serve based on the costs of individual dishes. For instance, seafood items tend to be more expensive. So you can opt for chicken and fish for your main courses. And again, keep your vegetarian guests in mind – they shouldn’t be left without choices.

Of course, it is very important to base your decision on the time of day for your wedding reception. If it’s in the afternoon, or early evening, you can order heavier food, and more of it, from the catering service. If you’re inviting people at night, the food can be lighter and in smaller quantities since people usually prefer to eat light at night. Try to avoid ordering rich, fatty foods for dinner and include more salads and soufflés.

However, many people these days like to have themes for their weddings. So you may find yourself ordering dishes that are relevant to your theme. But you can still follow these basic guidelines in order to cut costs on the catering service for your wedding reception.

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