The Best and Affordable BBQ Catering in Melbourne

The Best and Affordable BBQ Catering in Melbourne

“Catering on the Move” offers the best BBQ catering in Melbourne.  Our quality meats and salads will make you ask yourself why you have not utilized “Catering on the Move” before.  “Catering on the Move” can aid you with your outdoor catering needs for your upcoming event.

There are many occasions, which people engage in finding the perfect BBQ catering inMelbourne.  One of the reasons barbecues are so popular is that the food is usually served very hot.  This proves to most to be not only delicious but also plentiful.

When you choose a BBQ catering company inMelbourne, make sure you choose “Catering on the Move”.  We bring our own smoker grills to the outdoor catered events.  We pre-cook our meats for hours while ensuring that the meats served at the BBQ literally falls off the bones.

“Catering on the Move” makes our own barbecue sauce, which is ready to serve to your guests.  “Catering on the Move” has something for every taste.

“Catering on the Move,” offers vegetarian fresh vegetables and Garden burgers for your vegetarian guests.  We also offer a variety of salads and fresh finger foods and appetizers for your guests to enjoy while the meats are being prepared at your event.

“Catering on the Move,” offers creative side dishes for you and your guests to enjoy.  “Catering on the Move,” offers Fresh Crispy Coleslaw Salad with home made Mayonnaise Dressing and Homemade Potato Salad with Sour Cream and Seeded Mustard.  We also offer Mixed Bean and Onion Salad along with Elbow Pasta Salad.

“Catering on the Move,” offers dessert for your barbecue.  Our staff will not disappoint you with varieties of Mini Chocolate Dipped Cream Puffs, Pistachio, and Coconut Bites for your guests to savor.  Our desserts are made with the finest ingredients and are made completely from scratch.

BBQ catering inMelbourneoffers authentic and delicious barbecue cuisine.  “Catering on the Move” takes great care in the meats, which they offer for your BBQ catering needs.  Let “Catering on the Move” ensure that your guests are talking about your BBQ well after the barbecue is over.