Spit Roast Catering Australia for Weddings

Spit Roast Catering Australia for Weddings

Spit Roast Catering

Spit Roasts Catering has been a very popular form of catering for a long time.  Roast Meats are a favourite dinner for many, and does not need to be restricted to Sundays!

Looking to hire a Spit or a professional caterer to provide Spit Roast Catering.  Spit Roast Catering is roasted meats served with a selection of breads, salads and vegetables.

The smell of roast meat cooking with garlic provides a beautiful aroma.  Many guests will comment on the lovely smell and gives a warm homely feel for guests arriving.  It always lets guests know that a beautiful meal is on the way.

Roast Meats are best served with a selection of roast vegetables, breads, salads and gravy.  Some popular vegetables are roast pumpkin, potato, peas, corn and carrots.  Corn can be a great addition also.  Sliced baguette with butter or garlic bread is also very popular now.  A range of salads can be served, however a selection of fresh greens and creamy salads give a great range for guests.  Potato, pasta Caesar, and coleslaw are the most popular creamy salads.  Tossed, green, Greek, tomato and basil and rice salad are popular fresh salads.

Roast meats can range from Lamb, Chicken, Pork and Beef.  Many meats can be roasted including Turkey for special times during the year.

Roast chicken is a great option for many, as not everyone these days eats red meat or pork.   Gravy is a great way to finish a roast meal.  Rich brown gravy can include garlic, fresh and/or dried herbs, red wine and water.  Meat juices from the roast provide a thick flavour that Gravox or thickeners can’t provide. 

A fruit platter on any buffet is popular for many guests, including women and children.  It offers a fresh option when finishing your roast dinner.

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