Paleo Food Recipes – The Paleolithic 3-Spice Tropicana Beef Loin Steaks

Paleo Food Recipes – The Paleolithic 3-Spice Tropicana Beef Loin Steaks

Article by Sam Hutchinson

Hello esteemed caveman diet followers,

I just got engaged recently and to mark this joyous occasion, I’m pleased to share with you guys what I think is one of the most sumptuous paleo food recipes ever!

Also, I’m currently down with the flu and since I have nothing better to do, I figured why not share some cool recipes online?

I got this recipe sharing habit which I picked up from my late grandma…

Now I tell, you I’m no pansy or anything. As a matter of fact I’m a recreational bodybuilder who happens to love sharing recipe ideas like my home maker grandma used to do, okay? So don’t be thinking that I’m a pansy or anything okay?Now listen, when I first got started on the caveman diet, I was struck at how shockingly boring most paleo food recipes are!

At first, I didn’t mind eating dull paleo meals each day. But after a while I started yearning for some taste- shattering foods!

I wanted recipes for paleo cookies, snacks and more fancy, tasty yet easy to make paleolithic diet dishes.

So if you feel the same way, then you owe it to yourself to try out this paleo beef recipe that will shock your gastronomic senses!

I can make lots of great tasting paleo food recipes now all thanks to this paleo cookbook website. They have a set of download only cookbooks packed with paleo-friendly recipes.

You know, they have everything covered in detail including paleo diet breakfast recipes, soups, seafood chicken etc.

Even paleo-friendly chocolate and sandwich recipes are included but I haven’t tried the latter yet however.

You can check out those paleo diet cookbooks by clicking the link right at the bottom

Anyway, you should try this recipe right away!

Paleolithic 3-Spice Tropicana Beef Loin Steaks

You’ll need: 2 pieces of fat free beef loin steaks, 2