Kaffir Limes with King Prawns by Australian Caterers oi oi oi

Kaffir Limes with King Prawns by Australian Caterers oi oi oi

Kaffir Limes with King Prawns | Australian caterers

King Prawns are tasty and refreshing for a summer lunch; served on ice with freshly picked Kaffir Limes and your favourite sauce.  They are simple and very popular choice for many Australians. 

Simple, easy and yummy!  Prawns can be cooked on the BBQ for a midday snack during meals on Christmas Day for you and your family.  They have a firm and slightly sweet texture and taste that is easy to eat.  There are so many ways to serve prawns…


A simple way to buy and serve prawns is cooked, chilled with Lemon or Kaffir Lime Wedges and Homemade Sauce.  Never forget the sauce.

Kaffir Lime is understated, and whilst it is widely known and used for Curries, it is wonderful to be served with fresh Mooloolaba King Prawns.   

Marinate your prawns in Kaffir Lime Juice and add with Coconut Milk for an exotic holiday feel meal.

An alternative could be to marinate your prawns with garlic and cooked on a BBQ and served hot.  Place fresh lettuce, prawns and a Thyme, Garlic, Rosemary and Kaffir Lime drizzle, sounds strange however the flavours do work.  It’s that Australia meets Asia combination.

Experiment with your prawns, nothing is better that cooking fresh prawns at home.  They are tasty, Australian and good for you.

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