Ideas for Catering a Children’s Birthday Parties

Ideas for Catering a Children’s Birthday Parties

Children’s Birthday Parties

Children grow up so quickly these days, so it is important to enjoy the youthfulness while they are young.  A birthday party may seem like another job for some parents; however they can mean the world to kids.  Birthday invitations, presents, getting another year older and why not help them celebrate!  I see on TV that some parties are ¼ million dollars with full catering, DJs, decorators…but who are we kidding.  Children don’t understand the value of money fully, they just want to have their friends with them and have a great time, with yummy birthday cake and treats.

Where to have your party?

This will depend on the age of your child and where you live.  Make the most of what you have and work with it.  If you have a great local park with plenty of space, a BBQ in the park with games may be the best place.  As children grow older, the local indoor skate rink or bowling club may be perfect as it is interactive for children and less taxing for the parents.


What food to serve?

If you are having a birthday party at a venue, do ask if you can bring nibbles and food to celebrate as they may require this to be bought in-house.  Catering is a great way to involve the children, especially decorating cup cakes.  Don’t feel that everything has to be perfect, simply provide plain cupcakes, icing and little decorations and lollies they can decorate themselves.  Children love to be involved and eat what they have made.

Depending on the age of your child, select food to serve that is a treat.  Fruit is a great way to start, and will give them energy.  Junk food can be great; however can be expensive or difficult to heat if you are in the local park.

If you children are turning 18, you may like to hire a professional catering company to serve Finger Foods or a buffet, as alcohol may be consumed.  Finger Foods are great for teenage birthday parties, as you can guarantee that everyone will eat something during the event.

Finger Foods can be placed on tables for guests to help themselves, or hot foods walked around for guests to enjoy.  Consider your catering options and work within your budget and time schedule.

Enjoy your children’s birthday parties, they grow up so quickly! 

Party Tip: Have plenty of bins scattered around so children can put their rubbish in, it will save time and mess. 

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