Hot And Cold Weather Cooking Tips

Hot And Cold Weather Cooking Tips


Remember that cooking times will be extended when it’s cold, windy or wet outside.As a general rule, add around 25 minutes of cooking time for every 5 degrees below 45f.

Every time you open the lid to your grill, you lose the heat in the cooking chamber. This can add extra cooking time each time you check your meat.

During winter, move your grill to an area that is out of the wind and cold. However, NEVER operate your grill in an unventilated area!

Place an outdoor thermometer close to the area where you have your grill. It will help you keep track of the outside air temperature and help you determine how long it will take your food to cook.

When cooking in cold weather, it’s best to allow your grill to heat-up on a high temperature setting for at least 20 minutes before you place the food on the grill. You can always turn down the grill temperature when you begin cooking.


The hotter it is outside, the faster food will cook on your grill. If you are slow cooking, consider cooking your food at a lower temperature setting.

Because food will cook faster, it’s important to use a high-quality meat thermometer or instant reading thermometer to monitor internal meat temperatures. This will help prevent over-cooking your meat and drying it out.

Even in hot weather, you still want to cook with the lid to your Traeger grill closed, to keep heat from escaping.

In hot weather, make sure you defrost meat in the refrigerator. Food-borne bacteria rapidly multiply in hot weather and can easily cause food to spoil, ruining your cookout.

Remember the safety zones for foods: above 140 degrees or below 40 degrees.

Cooked food and salads should not be left out in the heat for more than an hour. Better yet, fill a deep tray or casserole dish with ice and keep salads–particularly potato or mayonnaise-based salad–on ice.

Never use the same cutting board for cooked meat that you used to prepare raw meat, unless you’ve thoroughly washed it in hot, soapy water before using again. The same thing holds true with knives and cooking utensils.

You can keep foods hot by wrapping them in foil and then placing them in an insulated cooler with no ice. Stuff wadded-up newspaper around the foil wrapped food. This will keep your food hot for a good three-to-four hours.

If you plan to serve marinade as a sauce at the table, be sure to bring it to a boil for several minutes to kill any bacteria.

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