Food Catering

Where Do You Start?

Food catering can be a tricky affair for novitiates.  Most people know what to do when they invite just a few guests over for barbeque.  But if the affair becomes very important, such as for a wedding reception, or if a large number of people will attend, or if a lot rides on the catering event, such as a evening of entertaining the boss, then many people will not be as confident concerning the right catering.

If you are unsure of where to begin for the food catering for any event on your calendar, start by contacting the experts.  Look up caterers on the internet in your area and check out their websites to see what they have to offer.  It often helps to tie down the type of catering you are looking for.  Are you throwing a formal, classy affair?  Or is the event more of a casual, relaxed get-together?  Do you want some sort of theme?  Take the answers to each of these questions and use them for a more focused internet search that will lead you to the specialist caterers in your area.

If the affair is really important, then be sure to take the additional step of getting the proposed menu from the caterer and testing each dish.  Remember that you are not only looking for food that you like personally, but tastes that would appeal to the majority of your guests.  One last idea: if your event focuses around a single person, quietly find out that person’s food preference, and design your catering around it.