Finding the Best BBQ Catering Company for Your Upcoming Event


If you are seeking a good BBQ catering company, then search no more because Catering Melbourne has precisely what you are seeking.  You can ask anyone around Melbourne and they will inform you that we not only enjoy cooking barbecue, we also enjoy watching people eat it.

Two BBQ menus’s to choose from

We specialize in two different menu plans offering a variety of BBQ items.  Our Silver BBQ menu offers Mini Beef Steak Medallions, Soy, garlic or honey chicken satay.  This menu also offers Gourmet sausages and Barramundi skewers.  Our Gold Menu, which is our prime BBQ catering menu, reveals grilled lamb, gourmet sausages, beef hamburgers, skewered prawns and lamb satay.

Catering Melbourne not only stands by our products but our service

If you are looking for great BBQ catering which you will be happy with, feel free to read our reviews and speak to our past clients.  We are confident of the raves you will receive.  If you are still not convinced, feel free to come in and sample our BBQ cuisine.  We will gladly arrange a tasting so you can get a feel for the quality and tastefulness of our food as well as professional service.

Haggle free prices

Do you really want to haggle with a BBQ catering company for prices?  There is no haggling with our prices.  Our prices are set and we always throw in extra special things for our clients.  What are the special things you might ask?  They are professional service along with caterers who love their jobs.  Catering Melbourne always aims to please and we are sure you will enjoy our delectable BBQ catering cuisine.

Plan your event carefully and contact Catering Melbourne as soon as possible

Catering Melbourne does request that you contact us in advance to your event for this will allow for easy booking and make your event go more smoothly.  We highly recommend that as soon as you have determined a date for your BBQ catering event that you immediately contact Catering Melbourne so that we can aid you with planning your BBQ menu with the best BBQ food around Melbourne.

Contact us today for your next BBQ catering event.  We are sure you will be happy with the service as well as the great BBQ cuisine we offer to your guests.  Leave your next BBQ event to us.