In addition to the food and staff, we can also organise all the equipment you will need, from linen, trestles and ice to glassware, crockery, cutlery and even ovens. Whatever is needed, whether it be very little or pretty much everything, we will be more than happy to organize it for you.
Crockery and Cutlery
7" Side Plate$0.85
8" Entre Plate$0.90
10" Dinner Plate$1.20
Entre Knife$0.75
Entre Fork$0.75
Dinner Knife$0.75
Dinner Fork$0.75
Soup Spoon$0.75
Dessert Spoon$0.75
Tea Spoon$0.65

Beer Glass$1.00
Wine Glass$1.00
Champagne Flute$1.00
Cocktail Glass$1.35
Coffee Cup and Saucer$2.50
Whiskey Glass$1.35
1 Litre Jug$5.00

Tables, Chairs & Linen
4' Trestle Table$16.00
6' Trestle Table$19.00
4' Round Table$18.00
5' Round Table$21.00
5'6" Round Table$23.00
Cocktail Bar Table$30.00
White Trestle Linen$20.00
White Round 4' Damask Linen$18.00
White Round 5' Damask Linen$20.00
White Round 5'6" Damask Linen$21.00
White Round 6' Damask Linen$22.00
White Linen Napkins$1.75
White Garden Chair$6.00
Black Padded Folding Chair$6.00

100 Cup Coffee Percolator$65.00
40 Cup Urn$45.00
70 Cup Urn$60.00
150 Cup Urn$70.00
Ice Tub$8.00
Ice Tub with Ice$20.00
Mushroom Heater$160.00
3 Burner BBQ$100.00
4 Burner BBQ$140.00
Electric Oven$100.00

*Prices don't include delivery and cartage