Looking for a company that does catering Melbourne was a little more work that I had initially thought it was going to be. I had no idea that I was going to have to spend so much time looking for a company that would prepare the type of food that my family enjoys at a rate that I could afford to pay.

I was trying to find a catering Melbourne company to prepare the food for my family for the party that I was doing my best to plan for my son. He has just gotten engaged and I have taken on the big job of planning the engagement party for them. I had thought about leaving the planning to her mother, but her mother works nearly sixty hours a week and has two other kids. I knew that if I had left it to her, that it would be too much stress and that it might not get done.

I do not work, so I have plenty of time to get everything taken care of. I have talked with my son and his fiancé and they both told me that it would be fine to host the party in the yard at my home. It would save some money and would be nice to have the pool for the kids to enjoy during the party. Since we were having it at my house, I decided to get a rental tent, tables and chairs and hire a caterer to handle the food.

As it is right now, I am looking at hosting this party for nearly two-hundred guests. I have never thrown a party of this size and I feel as though the friends and family that are coming from his fiancé’s side are going to have all eyes on me expecting me to mess up somewhere. I do not know why I feel that way, but it is causing me to really stress over every detail of the planning.

I was very fortunate to find some great online resources to use to help me through the planning. I had seriously considered hiring a professional party planner so that I would not have as many things to plan, but then I thought that it would be cheaper and much more personal if I was to go ahead and do it all on my own.

After meeting with nearly ten different companies that do catering Melbourne, I finally found the one that was perfect. They have all of my son’s favorite foods on their menu and the rates were very reasonable.

Now that I have all of the big parts of the party taken care of, I have to work through my long list of tiny details to be sure that I do not miss anything. It is going to be a day that everyone remembers and talks about at least until the day of the wedding. At least the wedding planning is usually done by the bride’s side so I will not have to go through all of this again in a year.