Cutting Costs on Wedding Catering

Cutting Costs on Wedding Catering

If you’ve got lots of family and friends to invite to your wedding, your biggest problem (after remembering all their names) is how to feed them. Anyone attending a wedding celebration lasting more than a couple of hours expects some kind of sustenance. Catering costs account for over 25% of every wedding budget, so any savings you can make on catering could add a significant amount to your budget.

Here are some great ways to save on wedding catering:

Wedding experts say handing out appetizers and nibbles, rather than having them on a table for guests to help themselves, means guests consume around 40% less during cocktail hour.

Instead of a full sit-down meal, you could make the whole evening a cocktail party. Finger foods are cheaper and still taste delicious, and as long as there’s plenty to go around, no one will miss the full-service meal.


Presentation is everything. You can make cheaper dishes look fancier by dressing them up on fancy plates or in unique styles. One food stylist suggests serving macaroni and cheese in a martini glass.

Generally speaking, buffet meals cost much less than full plated service. Buffet is also easier to organize, allowing each guest to choose only what he or she wants to eat.

If you’re serving cake, you could always skip the dessert course.

Some foods are pricier at certain times of the year. Discuss seasonal choices with your caterer and find out what stunning dishes are cheaper this season.

If you’re having children at the reception, look for a caterer or wedding venue hire that offers a half-price or free service for children.

If you’re a big foodie and want lots of unique flavours at your wedding, serving a “taster” menu of seven-eight small courses can actually cost less than a heavier three-course meal. Asian-inspired themes and tapas are incredibly popular.

Dressing up plainer, cheaper foods with stunning garnishes will make a cheaper meal look like 5-star cuisine.

To cut costs on the wedding cake, choose a simple one-tier cake to cut and display, then have cheaper sheet cakes of the same flavour in the kitchen for the staff to cut and serve to your guests.


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