Corporate Catering for Large Businesses | Australian caterers

Corporate Catering for Large Businesses | Australian caterers

Corporate Catering for Large Businesses

As a large business, there will be many meetings during the year that require catering.   Corporate lunches, business meetings with interstate staff and in-house staff are enquiries that are very popular on the internet.  Finding a local catering company that can deliver platters at a prearranged time, with quality food is a good asset for you.  Anything from fruit and cheese platters, sandwiches and quiches, muffins and biscuits are great fillers for small breaks between meetings.

When planning for larger meetings, corporate events or end of year Christmas Parties, find a caterer that specialises in catering for high volume numbers.  This way you can do all your planning in advance, and on the day let the caterers provide and organise the food and service.  Nothing is worse than running around trying to organise last minute shopping, ice etc when you should be mentally preparing any notes or guest arrivals.

Catering is a specialised service, than can run very smoothly and run to your set timings.  A good caterer will know that you would like food served at a certain time, and not 30 minutes late!  Having suitable equipment is an integral part of catering, as presentation can be just as important as the taste.  If you don’t have a regular caterer that you can rely on, ask questions to ensure they understand exactly what you require and expect.

If you have 200 staff attending your end of year break-up party, it can run like a well oiled machine, or completely ruin your party for the year.  Say your drinks are ready; all your gifts have been presented and before all your staff has eaten…the food runs out.  Ask about food portions, and if there are any restrictions.  Most caterers will over-cater to ensure that guests are welcome to second on buffets. 

When catering for large functions, it is important to offer a wide selection of dishes and ingredients.  This will ensure that guests are not limited to one or two items.  Mention if there are any vegetarians or dietary requirements, this should not be a problem for your caterer, with options available.

Enjoy your functions, and remember that you don’t have to rush around organising things, when you have a professional caterer for the day.

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