Catering on the Move Offers Food Catering For Your Upcoming Unique and Memorable Event


Catering on the Move understands that every wonderful celebration begins with wonderful food.  We provide food catering to offices, private homes and venues throughout the Melbourne area.  We provide food catering that you will love and we bring it to places that inspire you.

Our food catering cuisine options range from local Melbourne cuisine to Asian flavors, which your guests are sure to love.  Our catering staff is committed to incorporating the most fresh and seasonal ingredients into their creations.  Catering on the Move is a full-service catering and venue management catering company that specializes in making your next catered event a success with seamless execution.

Catering on the Move offers superb and elegant cuisine for your next food-catering event.  We specialize in innovative food service for the Melbourne area.  We offer diverse menus of gourmet foods as well as experienced, professional staff to service your upcoming catered event.

We want to create a magical event for your friends, coworkers and family.  We take great pride in strategizing every minute detail of your upcoming event.  We want to make your food-catering event an unforgettable experience while aiding in cherished memories being formed and remembered for years to come.  We offer a broad selection of menus, which will aid in bringing up your food-catering event to life.

Catering on the Move has been bringing creative spirit to food catering gatherings.  We offer exceptional cuisine along with an innate sense of what is appropriate for your event.  We take great pride in doing what is important for your event.  We enjoy bringing our clients concepts to life.

Here in the Melbourne area, we draw upon the abundance of the local produce.  This is how we promote local businesses.  We offer an excellent cuisine with regional roots.  Catering on the Move is committed to serving local products whenever possible.

Catering on the Move can be considered the boutique of catering companies in the Melbourne area.  No two events are ever the same.  We specialize in bringing together one unique event at a time.

Our core staff of professionals shares our love of fine events.  We also enjoy sharing our love for small events as well.  Small or large is no problem for our business.  We are proud of the expertise and professionalism displayed by our staff.  We know that you will be happy with having them sharing in your event. & be considered a