Catering On the Move Can Cater Events Large or Small


Food is always the center of any occasion and festivities.  No matter if it is a marriage reception, family gatherings, baby showers or corporate parties, people always expect delicious tasting food to be offered.  Catering on the Move can take care of your food needs at your upcoming event.

Location, location, location

Catering on the Move would like to suggest you find a location, which is large enough for us to work within in setting the display of food up.  If you do not have a location yet, we will gladly recommend some locations here in Melbourne since we have many connections due to our professional measures and experience.

Ensure that there is enough space for Catering on the Move to sit up your food

We would also like to suggest that if you want a buffet-style meal, we would need a large enough space for your guests and family to obtain the food they are going to eat.  You do not ever want your guests or coworkers to have to scramble to get their food from the buffet.

Many varieties of cuisine

Catering on the move has many cuisines to choose from.  If it is BBQ, you are craving or elegant sit-down meals, we have it all.  If you are new to the catering aspect of events, don’t fret, we will gladly sit down with you and give you wonderful and sound suggestions as well as proposals on what type of foods to offer.

Wonderful food for wonderful prices

Catering on the Move does offer great economic, tasty menus for you to choose from.  You will want to pre-plan your expenses for your upcoming event and this will lower your overall expenses with a limited menu.

Special nutritional needs?  No problem

We also have the capabilities to provide any of guest’s great food that have specific nutritional requirements.  Just let us know ahead of time and we will gladly accommodate all your guests.  Here at Catering on the Move, we make you aware of the prices overall.  You will not find hidden taxes, etc…on your final bill.  We will make sure you are fully aware of all charges.


After planning your details for your upcoming event, this is the perfect time to find a caterer and we hope that caterer will be Catering on the Move.  We are confident you will be pleased with not only our professional, courteous staff but also our delectable food menus.