Catering on the Move Are the Birthday Party Experts in Melbourne


Birthdays only roll around once a year.  If you are planning a birthday party, let Catering on the Move aid you in preparing an event to remember.  Birthdays can be experienced in a variety of ways therefore, take your time in planning what exactly you want and then allow Catering on the Move to handle all your food details.

Some important tips for kid’s birthday parties

  • If the birthday party is for younger kids, you will want to create a theme for the party, this will make it memorable to all who attend, especially the kids.  You will want to keep your favors, decorations and cake in-line with the theme you have chosen.  Catering on the Move can serve the birthday food from your home or another location of your choice.
  • If the weather is nice, Catering on the Move would like to suggest an outside location for kids birthday parties, the fresh air is wonderful and let’s face it, with outside locations, the children will be able to run and play and this is an added bonus for parents.
  • You will want to plan games for the kids for this always the central part for any kid’s birthday party.  After making the necessary preparations, you will want to determine how large or small you want the party to be, this is also very important for the food preparations.

Catering on the Move can prepare any style of meal you have planned for your birthday party

Catering on the Move can prepare a simple dinner to celebrate for your birthday party or we can prepare a variety of finger foods along with a decorative cake for the party.  Catering on the Move can enhance your birthday party by preparing the food requested.  If you need decorations, we can set them up for your birthday party while you worry about more important things such as spending time with your family and picking out the perfect gift for the birthday kid.

Contact Catering on the Move  for your upcoming kid’s birthday party.  We are the birthday party experts and we guarantee you will not be disappointed in the food delivered to your family and loved ones.  Contact us for a free consultation.