Catering for Large Private Events

Catering for Large Private Events

Catering for Large Private Events

Large Private Events are a special occasion as they are a great chance for us to celebrate with a large number of family and friends.  These events can go for one night or a weekend to make the most of your time together.

Large functions require more planning than a normal function, typically the same preparation however on a larger more detailed scale.  More numbers means larger spaces, more of everything.

When starting to plan your function it is good to determine an approximate number of people in attendance, so you can hire a venue or marquee to accommodate everyone.  Venues can be hired to cover all aspects of your function or offer the possibility for you to setup and organise private catering.  Marquees are great if you have a large private property for privacy.

Speak with your local party hire company as they will be able to provide tables, chairs, glass ware and bulk amounts of equipment you will require.  This may range from lighting, generators to cold rooms.  When planning for large numbers a cold room is an excellent idea, as this will save numerous eskies and plenty of ice.  Drinks can be stored easily, along with any platters or cake for your function.

A mobile caterer is perfect for large private functions if you don’t wish to use an in-house caterer.  This may also save time and money as a professional caterer will take most of the planning, preparation and cleaning up as part of their responsibility.  When looking for a caterer for large events it is important to confirm they have experience, necessary equipment and skill to cater for your function.

Drinks are another important consideration when planning for large events.  The storage, setup and service will need to be well planned and executed to ensure a smooth and efficient service for the duration of your function.  A large space for storage of glassware, cold drinks and plenty of rubbish bins to ensure mess and rubbish is kept to a minimum.  A separate self service area for water and non-alcoholic punch and soft drinks is a great idea, and will keep the bar area solely for alcoholic drinks.  This will allow families and children to access drinks at any time during the function.

Planning ahead will ensure you have everything organised, and know that your suppliers will work effectively to your schedule of events.

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