Catering for Friends and Family

Catering for Friends and Family

Catering for Friends and Family

Enjoying time with family and friends is an Australian tradition.  Here are a few tips to help you planning food and drinks for your next dinner party.

Preparation is the key to any good party.  It is essential to have a basic understanding of the jobs that need to be done in relation to the time you have available to you.  There are three steps that will guarantee that you are not in the kitchen when you should be enjoying the company of your guests.  Preparation, cooking and cleaning up are your biggest time consumers.  Create a menu that allows preparation the night before and can be quickly & easily cooked.     

A checklist can be done in advance to cover your basic setup; drink station, tables and chairs for guests, food service area, tea/coffee setup and rubbish bins.  Create a list of the items you will need for each area.  On the day of your party it can be quite easy to forget the basics or find yourself distracted  with early guest arrivals.  It always helps to have food and drinks ready in advance, this way you won’t be caught short for time!  If you are having a buffet, ensure you have enough serving utensils.  Don’t forget to have bins scattered around, as this will make cleaning up much easier.  Be practical when planning a party and don’t forget to add your own style and personality!

The type of cups, plates and cutlery you provide will be dependent on your budget, guest numbers and reason of function.  A BBQ in the park would be perfect for disposable items.  If you are having a cocktail party, glasses can be hired and are generally quite cost effective.  Providing finger foods is a great option to reduce the cleaning up required later.  Finger foods are also perfect if you are limited with space for table and chairs.

Once you have prepared for your party, it is time to relax and enjoy time with your friends and family with good food and drinks.

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