Catering for Company Events and Business Functions

Catering for Company Events and Business Functions

Catering for Large Corporate Functions

Large Corporate Functions are generally quite elaborate, even if they are relatively informal.  Due to the large numbers of corporate groups, organising a function can be quite structured.  There are a number of planning points to be considered when initial planning stages are being worked through.

Where will your function be held?

If your staff work at one location, and the function is at another, think about how staff will travel or be transported to the venue.  If the function is during staff hours, transport will generally be organised.  Buses are a great way to transport large groups of people, especially if there are more than 100.  Consider parking if you would like your staff to travel in their own transport.

When will you function be held?

Weekends are generally popular for private parties and weddings.  Staff functions are most common during the week or Friday afternoon before staff leave for the weekend.  If you are a large company and hold several functions a year for Melbourne Cup, Christmas etc then planning will become more organised.  If you are new to planning, consider which day will work best and if you plan for staff to continue work after your function.

How will you coordinate your function?

Coordinating your function will generally include a few suppliers that will need to know basic details including guest numbers, location, time schedules and any special requirements.  If you are organising a marquee, determining the location and when this will be setup is important.  Working with a catering company to provide food service is also important.  While many catering companies do cater for larger numbers, it is important to advise all information relevant when enquiring.  Catering at a venue can be relatively easy; however catering for larger groups in a park with limited facilities may not be suited for all caterers.  If you are planning a function in a park for several hundred guests, ensure your caterer has all the equipment, can travel to your location and has access to staff to serve and clear during and after service.  There are several catering companies that specialise in catering for larger groups with specialised equipment, they may charge a little more however there are generally more expenses when catering for larger numbers.

Working effectively with your suppliers…

When planning corporate functions RSVP dates can be quite last minute.  Many suppliers work with weddings and functions that are planned months if not over a year in advance.  Working with corporate functions operates very differently.  Understand the timelines your suppliers require to place any orders and organise staff.  Last minute drops in numbers may leave your suppliers with orders larger than they actually require.

Corporate Functions are great fun for staff and employers, as they give everyone a chance to enjoy themselves and others company without having to think about current jobs.   

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