Catering Equipment and Party Hire

Catering Equipment and Party Hire

Catering Equipment and Party Hire

Catering Equipment and Party Hire can provide a range of items to hire for an upcoming event or function.  Australian Caterers has local party suppliers in your area. 

Working with a great Party Hire business can really help make your function setup run smoothly and look great.  They hire everything from the basics including tables, chairs and covers, tablecloths, to larger items for self catering.

Catering Equipment is perfect for Weddings and Functions that require items you don’t generally require at home.  Items can range from urns, Mobile Spit Hire, Heating Bays and Cooling Devices and Serving Platters.  When catering for a larger group of guests, hiring equipment to suit will make life much easier.


Glass and table ware is an important part of any function.  When planning for your event, think about what type of drinks you would like to serve and the number of guests that will be in attendance.  Water, wine and champagne glasses are options available. 

Marquees, Isle Runners and Mobile Dance floors are all available for hire.  They are great additions to your function that help create the WOW factor.  If you have time, make sure to visit your local Party Hire Specialist.  They will have plenty of information on their products for hire, pricing and information regarding pickup/delivery.

 Some Party Suppliers and larger suppliers may have the technology and expertise to assist in function planning.  This is crucial for large scale events, requiring imagery and expertise in dealing with and serving large number of guests.

Speak to your Party Hire and Catering Equipment Specialist about pick and delivery services, as this can save you time and money if you don’t have transportation to fit larger items.

Australian Caterers has FREE Business listing across Australia for all Wedding and Function related companies, so check out the our website if you are planning a function or event.

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