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Silver Menu JUST $20 PER PERSON
Party food catering and drinks planning for a formal or informal party is the job for catering Melbourne. They help you plan an elaborate menu and have equipment such dinnerware etc that you can hire.

For a formal party you should plan in general such as serve two to three appetizers, a main course dish and 2 side dishes accompanied with salad. Be sure to offer dessert after the dinner is finished. For an informal party you can choose food catering of finger foods. It goes along best with several beverage choices at the bar. You can hire bar as well and trained staff to make sure drinks and food is available throughout the evening.

It is worth remembering that a formal dinner party needs pre plan and good menu. Catering Melbourne has the best chosen recipes and offers many buffets such silver or gold buffet. At an informal occasion you have all the time to try out a new or challenging recipe that can please the taste buds of your friends such as finger foods food catering. Finger foods have many scrumptious food items that can be eaten with the hand. They are either served hot of cold in conjunction with a variety of dips and sauces. You can try Asian food such as rice paper rolls or samosas. Another interesting idea is to serve cakes and pastries to your friends for a sweet treat. You can get miniature cakes and use them for presentation at the table and also they do not take up precious buffet table space.

Drinks served at the party are always important. They include great wine or spirits and go along well with your party menu. For children birthday party you can get cold drinks as well. Catering Melbourne staff serves these drinks with ice in a pleasing manner. For added ambiance to the venue you choose light a lot of candles followed by a nice piece of good music in the background. Catering Melbourne has lot more to offer and they can serve you by staying in your budget and plans. Ask for free quotes and contact them either by email or phone for more information and party ideas. There is a lot of variety available for food catering, venue and equipment hiring. You can also hire chocolate fountain and bar to entertain your guests in a unique way. You can also get beautifully wrapped cakes and other items as gifts to take home. As it is a nice gesture to please your guests at your party.